Land Activities

A full program of activities has been prepared by the animation team to satisfy the desires of everyone. Other activities are identically proposed:


  • The bikes: They enable you to discover nature along the coast of this unique island. Rental is available at the reception or with the animation team every day from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Tennis: the court, short, free and lighted, is located at the rear of the hotel. You can take classes with a certified tennis instructor, Julie.
  • Petanque: a lot of balls may be taken to the reception, by those who wish to go back to the authentic fun on the ground next to the tennis court.
  • Beach volley: A game of volleyball can be easily organized on the beach by our team.
  • Beach Tennis: Our friends in the village and some expatriates living in Tamarin will be happy to join the hotel guests wishing to learn or play beach tennis on weekends on the beach facing the hotel.
  • Aquaerobics: Water aerobics is a great way to combine the relaxation aspect of the pool and the benefits of sport. However, in comparison with air, water creates more resistance, which forces the muscles to work harder. 
Water Sports
Mini Club
Surf School