History and Team

The history of the Tamarin Hotel began in the 70's: located on the west coast of Mauritius, this hotel is ideally situated, opposite the legendary surf spot of Tamarin, between the hills and the preserved bay of Tamarin where dolphins come to play. The days stretch slowly in this magical place; from the wee hours of the morning with the daily visits of small groups of dolphins till the beautiful sunset in front of the beach where, with your feet in the sand, you can sometimes see a green ray of light when the sky is clear. 


The Tamarin Hotel was among the first hotels to set up in Mauritius and to welcome and host the first surfers in search of the mythical wave of Santosha. It was an exceptional place also because of the personality of the owner at the time, the original Tonton André, who was happy to offer to his customers an authentic experience, the closest to the local community, by sharing his passion for horses and for his island. 


The acquisition of the Tamarin Hotel in 2003 gave a new life to this hotel. Indeed, Cyril Michel chose a highly colorful concept by pushing the seventies style at its peak. Orange, red, yellow, green and blue are ubiquitous colors, just like the room furnishings that have been specially created by an architect friend in accordance with the chosen style. Everything here reminds us of the 70s, from the colors to the furniture and the decoration of the bar, where the manager will be happy to share the story of the boards and musical instruments hanging from the rafters. Because that’s what the Tamarin Hotel is; a hotel with a great story and a director who knows how to tell it and make you dream!


Being a surfer and a jazzman, Cyril Michel wanted to make the hotel a place in his own image: atypical and conveying values such as sharing, friendliness, authenticity, trust and loyalty, while leaving their freedom to everyone. Thanks to the young and motivated team that makes up the great family of the hotel and is attentive to the needs of our customers, these values are still respected, hence ensuring a pleasant stay for everyone. And it is always in compliance with these values that the hotel makes a commitment to the community of Tamarin to include it in various civic and social actions. 


The many activities offered by the hotel will fully satisfy your nerves for sports and adventure, unless you prefer farniente: in this case, the spa and the pool will bring you complete satisfaction in your quest for tranquility. 


When the sun starts to go down, go sit in the armchairs of the "Crazy Fish Bar", order one of the special rums of the house or a cocktail, and be transported by the beat of the Mauritian jazzmen’s music... We promise you a unique experience! Make the most of it! 


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